Welcome to our Western Horseshoe Tailgates.

Please call for any questions or to order. 1-406-544-5070

You will notice we have different styles and options:


  • 5th Wheel / Gooseneck (V notch)

  • Standard (No notch, has solid bar on top)


  • Expanded metal (mesh)

    • Top Portion

    • Entire Back of Tailgate

  • Personalization which includes:

    • Your own Brand or Initials (Please Call)

    • Your own choice of Silhouette (Call if you have your own design)

    • Your pick of a Silhouette from the listed link on the left or Click Here

  • Your own design of a Tailgate.

    • As long as the basic design doesn't change.

  • NEW:  Padlock Locking Mechanisms
    • Prevents removal of Tailgate. 
    • Locks the Handle of the Tailgate from operating.  Uses a paddlock for securing.


All of our Tailgates are Custom Hand Built according to your needs and style. 

We don't run a "Cookie Cutter" operation.

Built with heavy 11 Guage (little larger than 1/8" thick) steel tubing and NEW St. Croix Horseshoes

Lighter guaged Tailgates on the market can't with-stand the work loads and abuse as the
Cowboy Creations Tailgates can! 

Each Handle is an indepedant spring operated system. 
No more frayed and troublesome cables to deal with.

All seams and joints are welded. 

For pleasure or for work, these Tailgates will last you a lifetime.

  • Better visability

  • Better mileage

  • Works like any regular Tailgate, no modifications required. Installs in less than 1 minute.

  • Very durable for work

  • Very pleasing to the eye

  • Personalized for you and your style

  • Stamped with a Serial Number

5th Wheel Classic


This Tailgate takes the cake.  Enjoy easier hookups of Goosenecks (5th wheels). 

Top Mesh 5th wheel style.

Easier hooking of trailers.

Easier loading items in back of truck and stepping in and out of pickup bed.




Air Gate - 5th Wheel or Standard Style

Great Gas Mileage

Get better gas mileage with this Tailgate. 

Low air resistance, increased visibility.

Easier loading items into bed of Pickup.


5th Wheel Plain

Some individuals prefer not to have a personalization (silhouette or brand) on the Tailgate.


5th Wheel Workin

Very usable. 

The entire back of the Tailgate is covered with mesh, (expanded metal),  so it makes the Tailgate very usefull for work, hauling, etc...

Yes, bales of hay too.  BIG bales!

5th Wheel Extended


Many times your gooseneck connection is a little lower.

Tailgate makes this process of hooking EZ'er.

Better visibility.




Standard Classic


Just like our 5th Wheel Standard, but no "V" in it. 


standard_all mesh_personalizationb

Standard Workin

Get the looks and the work too.

The entire back of the Tailgate has mesh, (Expanded Metal),  on the back, plus you get the personalized look. 

Select your own brand or silhouette.



5th Wheel Round Bar


If horseshoes aren't your style, try our alternative style Tailgate.

Handle may vary. 

The Tailgate pictured has Mesh, (Expanded Metal), on the upper portion.  You may choose not to have mesh.  Just be sure to make the selection if you don't want any mesh.

Notice the Different style Handles.


Stock Style - 5th Wheel or Standard

Workin Tailgate! 

Handles heavy loads.

Entire Surface on back of gate is Expanded Metal (mesh).

Flat Work Surface.